W E L C O M E !

Thank you for checking out my page! My name is  A l l i s o n  M i l l e r  |  I am a 30 year old photographer based out of St. Joseph, MO!   I am passionate about helping people capture their moments and turn them into beautiful  m e m o r i e s . I believe photographs are not only precious sentiments of a beautiful wedding day, or visual documentation of one's age, but a gift to future  g e n e r a t i o n s  who can look back on their parents and grandparents. It is my goal to  c a p t u r e  each individual for who they are.  Each of us are created to be different and I strive to find the  u n i q u e n e s s  in all of my clients. I am incredibly grateful to the people who have helped me on my journey to get where I am today with my photography.


"Every p i c t u r e has a story to tell"